The Enlightenment maker

December 2014

When diplomacy and humanity have failed, man has only war
to recover freedom in front of barbarity.
Barbarity arises from obscurantism.

Since the eighteenth century, the "Age of Enlightenment" lauded the power of instruction,
knowledge and sciences,
in front of intolerance and of religious and political excesses.

Make Light Not War is an artist's modest contribution to remind us, always and still,
the essential role of art so that Enlightenment wins over obscurantism.

Benoit de Clercq diverted from their lethal usage twenty AIM-9 missiles,
to make lamps, Enlightenment makers,
and renamed them "MLNW", Make Light Not War,
a more pragmatic version of the symbolic formula of the 60s, Make Love Not War.

The switch comes directly from a hunter dashboard.

Iginition..., LIGHTS ON !

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